softening water

Combatting Lime scale and rust


What does it do?

Prevents build up of lime-scale and rust

Prevents build-up of iron and manganese deposits

Improves wash through wetter water resulting in savings on washing powders

Removes existing lime-scale and rust

Improves taste, especially brackish or sulphur water

Prevents blocking of water spraying equipment though lime-scale build-up.




The Water Softener Safegaurds:

  • Warm water installations.
  • Geysers.
  • Heating elements.
  • Solar panels.
  • Cleaning equipment.
  • Pasteurising equipment
  • Ice machines,
  • Cooling towers,
  • Air conditioners,
  • Sterilizers,
  • Condensators
  • Compressors,
  • Water-cooled engines,
  • Pumps, Fountains,
  • Cooling equipment,
  • Water supplies for chickens, pigs, rabbits, livestock, sprinkle and drip irrigation,
  • Swimming pools and similar applications.




How Does it Work?

The Units are designed to combat limescale and rust.
The Water Softener releases self-generating electrons into the water which changes the physical structure of the minerals in the water. This process minimises damage casued by harmful scale and rust build up. A water conditioning system that does not require any electricity or harmful chemicals, reducing cost of electricity and money spent on purchasing chemicals.
Not only does Scale Away prevent scale and rust build up in domestic and industrial sectors but has shown to be a benefit to the Farming Industry. Increasing ground nutrition from water that has been treated improving crop growth and plant nutrition.




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