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Protect Your Children & Pets with Pool Nets

We’ve all heard the horror stories of children and pets drowning in swimming pools while unattended.

It’s not something anyone wants to imagine happening to them. That’s why Techno has invested in the safety pool net, that not only covers up your swimming pool but also protects your loved ones.

The Techno Safety Nets are made from the highest quality Polyethylene, HDPE braided coreless twine netting. It also has UV protection, which means our nets will last longer in the harsh South African sunlight. pool-safety-net-with-child-s

Techno Safety Nets come with a 3 year warranty.

Our nets are commonly used in conjunction with the bubble covers. Safety nets protect while bubble covers subtly heat your water.



Avoid that Icy Swimming Feeling this Summer!

There’s nothing like a refreshing swim on a hot summer day, but icy water can limit our time in the pool. Here at solar imagTechno Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi, our goal is to have our customers get the most out of our products. Extending your swimming season is easily done by installing solar panels. We sell the average pool user about 6 panels. For every 1000 liters in your pool, you need 1 panel. Techno solar panels are made from the finest HDPE pipes. Solar panels are the most economic way to heat a swimming pool. Not only do solar panel make summer swimming more enjoyable, but can also extend your swimming season by an extra 3 months a year!


Cut Out Chlorine in your Jacuzzi – Today!

Swimming is a great way to cool down and get fit, and using your jacuzzi not only has health benefits but is amazing for relaxation, unfortunately the downside to enjoying your pool and spa – chlorine. Chlorine is not only know for killing bacteria and germs and fighting algae but also for drying out our hair and skin, irritating our eyes and fading our bathing suits among other things.


Techno is now offering you a healthy alternative to chlorine. Pure Pool and Pure Spa, is a complex ion based product which is 100% chlorine-free. Pure Products control all Algae and Bacteria in water, avoiding biofilm build-up in the pipes, filters, and pool cleaner. Pure is an environmentally friendly solution that contains no chlorine & no copper sulphate.

Pure Pool is also compatible with heated pools. A big thing about it is that it is 100% safe to drink for You and your pets.

This product is also economical. A little fb picgoes a long way:
Recommended Dosages for Pure Pool:

-20 000- 25 000 (Small pool)-
1/2 Litre of Pure Pool per
Our weekly interval

-30 000- 50 000 (Average pool)
– 1 Litre of Pure Pool per four
Weekly interval
-60 000- 75 000 (Large pool) – 1.5- 2 Litres of Pure Pool per four weekly interval
-80 000- 100 000 (Very large pool) – 2 Litres of Pure Pool per four weekly interval
Pack Size: 1 litre

Recommended Dosages for Pure Spa:

50ml per 1000 lt

Pack Size: 100ml


Geo-Bubble Solar Pool Covers

geobubble-sol-guard-solar-cover-1109-pScientifically designed to be more resistant to chemical and UV attack for longer than our traditional shape bubble cover, the GeoBubble’s expected lifespan will Increase by 25%+ Geo Bubble will shrinks about 3% a few weeks after application to your pool as a result of the heat, we allow for this when you give us your dimensions.
In appearance the GeoBubble appears as a double bubble in an hourglass shape. The GeoBubble material uses a new unique bubble shape that specifically takes into account the typically harsh swimming pool environment, a new quality benchmark for all swimming pool bubble cover materials. cover
Why buy a GeoBubble from Techno?
– Expected lifespan increased by 25%+ (compared to the traditional    bubble covers)
– Designed specifically to be resistant to chemicals and UV rays
– Available in black!
– Eliminating water evaporation by over 98% not only greatly reduces your water bills but will cut heat loss dramatically.


New at Techno

Summer is here and along with a lot of cool specials, we also have a range of new products available. Including the Pure collection of healthy and environmentally friendly spa and pool cleaning products. New jacuzzi shapes and chlorinators.

Contact a rep today for more information!