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New Jacuzzi Covers at Techno

Our customers are used to our PVC hard covers that have been covering their jacuzzis since the start. These covers are filled with industrial grade polystyrene and covered with PVC material in a variety of colours.









The good news is that Techno has added some more options to the covers you can choose from.

cover 3
Firstly, the wooden cover. A cover to match your wooden enclosure.





cover 2


We also have a Fibreglass hard cover.





And lastly, we have a modified PVC cover with skirtings that coverscover 4 your entire boxed jacuzzi.




To place an order / for more Information on our covers, please contact our sales rep. annette@technospa.co.za / 011 900 1637


Techno Pool Heating

Heat pumps offer the most energy efficient way to provide heating and cooling in many applications, as
they can use renewable heat sources in our surroundings. A heat pump delivers a lower supply air temperature than a furnace over a longer period of time to
provide a more constant heat.

The advantage of using a heat pump is that you can regulate the temperature of the water right through the year.

A heat pump can also be used in conjunction with solar panels. This will allow the heat pump to work at half the rate it normally does.

As the solar panels are not that effective in the winter the heat pump can heat the water if required. It is also recommended to use a bubble blanket to retain the heat generated during the day or night.




For more information, contact: sales@technospa.co.za







Techno Jetted Baths

7938c6d9a74e53f8d282e709b1baf1e0Jetted bath tubs are not simply luxury bathroom fixtures, but are found out to provide many helpful benefits to its users.
Using jetted bath tubs can help ease various pains, in the body. If you are suffering from rheumatism and other muscle and joint pains, you will find relief in pressure from the Jacuzzi’s built-in water jet system. Sit for a few minutes in a jetted bath and you will slowly feel the effects of the water pressure on your painful joints and muscle groups. Elderly people are aided in their movements and they are able to get a better night’s sleep.
These baths have been found to increase air and blood circulation in the body. The combination of heat and the movement of water in the bath help improve the body’s circulatory functions.
Using Jacuzzis or jetted baths helps you relieve stress. Your muscles, bones, and tendons are more relaxed when your whole body is underwater.
Using a Jacuzzi or jetted bath is almost the same as getting a full-body massage. Combined with the heat, the water jet pressure kneads through your muscle groups and joints to help them relax.


Jacuzzi Starter Packs

starter packThe Techno Jacuzzi started pack comes with all the essentials needed to enhance your jacuzzi experience. Firstly, we have included chlorine tabs, to make your cleaning job that much easier. Spa salts and bubble bath are added to the pack to help you relax. A thermometer to measure out the perfect temperature as well as a test kit, chlorine tablet holder and cartridge filter.

This kit is designed to cover all your bases to make sure that you and your new jacuzzi are all set for relaxation.