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Custom Saunas

Have it built your way for the ultimate experience












We briefly discussed the benefits of Saunas in an earlier newsletter. In this issue, we want to showcase our custom saunas. Of course we have our standard models (the 2 seater and 4 seater, both installed with 8x toughened glass doors and your choice of either hot rock / infrared heaters).


Detail of bucket and white towels in a sauna

Our custom models can be defined as a versatile sauna, put together to your specifications. Be it an entire room you would like to convert or a space in your bathroom. Techno can transform your ideal space into a sauna.






Although there is an initial cost on the unit it is the most convenient way to generate chlorine for your swimming pool.

The unit will work if the salt content in the pool is correct. There are a few aspects to take in consideration before installing a salt water chlorinator such as heating of the swimming pool water.

Salt Chlorinators give homeowners many benefits. Chlorinator owners especially enjoy the units because they eliminate the need for most of the pool chemical maintenance and costs. For example, at the salt cell, chlorine is so concentrated that the swimming pool water is superchlorinated, preventing the buildup of chloramines and algae. Salt Chlorinators require few additional chemicals, as they produce nearly neutral pH levels.



Owners of Sale Chlorinators can also look forawrd to: reduced skin and eye irritation, no harsh chemical odors, and swimmer safety.


Techno Annual Shutdown

It’s that time of year again, and while everyone is preparing for the Christmas, here at Techno we are still hard at work getting orders out before the closing date of 23 Dec.

We would like to thank everyone for their support during the year. We wish you continued  enjoyment out of the products you purchased.

The Techno Team would like to wish our blog readers,  clients and staff a blessed festive season and only the best in the new year.