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Techno Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi is the only company in South Africa with a roto molding plant that allows us to manufacturer our own swimming pool filter and don’t need to use sub contractors. At this moment we manufacture pool filters, solar panels, and other components used in the pool and spa industry.

Are you tired of struggling with your swimming pool? Do you hear promises but see no results?. Let the leaders help you solve your swimming pool problems.

We don’t make promises we deliver results. Gone are the days of you being dependant on fly-by-night contractors and con-artists whose only interest is to take your money.

Chlorinating with a Salt Chlorinator is one of the most cost effective ways of sanitizing your swimming pool. – Easy to install – Saves time and money – Sparkling clear pool – Hygienic – Kills bacteria – Safe low-voltage system – Low energy consumption – Quality guaranteed

Techno Pool and Spa’s pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pool shells and modern designs, its quality finish, combined with ultimate seating comfort and superior strength, makes this range unique and a “must see” for every home owner considering a new swimming pool.

Floor, tile and carpet heating is an electric floor surface heating system which operates at less than half the cost of traditional underfloor heating, which has the heat source deeply embedded in the slab.

Your power consumption is thus greatly reduced.

At Techno Floor Heating we strive to deliver a product of very high quality, backed by superior customer service. Our experienced personnel will gladly assist with any of your heating requirements.