Jacuzzi covers are no longer just an accessory, today in our environment, every Jacuzzi needs one. Here at Techno, we realize a standard cover doesn’t suit everyone’s needs and styles and that is why we’ve added a few more option for everyone to choose from.


Covers not only add value to your jacuzzi, but also makes it much more functional and user friendly.


cover 4


Our standard Jacuzzi cover comes in a few colours, including white and brown. They are covered in PVC with a leatherette finish.

The insulation characteristics on these covers ensure that electricity consumption is optimized in relation to the water temperature, and it protects the jacuzzi from accidental damage when not in use. Our jacuzzi covers are manufactured from high-density polystyrene, strengthened by galvanized metal inserts and then covered in the PVC material.


cover 2

Fibreglass hardcovers have a glossy finish and can be customized to the colour of your choice. This recent addition to our options is the perfect way to finish off your Jacuzzi purchase. Not only does it look stylish but is easy to remove and replace before and after using your Jacuzzi and aids in keeping your Jacuzzi clean when you are not using it.


cover 3

Our wooden covers are, in my opinion, the best option for your boxed Jacuzzi. Made from the same wood that our Jacuzzi enclosures are, the wooden cover provides the most classy and eye-catching finish to your Jacuzzi.

Added to that, jacuzzi covers keep dust, leaves, dirt and insects out, maintaining a fresh clean water flow. Every time you lift the cover off your spa, you’re expecting the perfect environment — warm, relaxing, serene. That is what customer’s of Techno covers have gotten used to. In adding more options, we can enhance this experience even more!





For more information, or to place an order, please contact Techno at sales@technospa.co.za / 011 900 1637