Jacuzzi Cleaning

Cleaning Your Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi Cleaning

Cleaning Instructions

  • The water will be drained out the ball valve, situated at the pump system.
  • Make sure the heating element is off.
  • Switch the water jets on by pressing the bellow button.
  • Attach the 50mm PVC pipe into the ball valve, and direct the pipe to where the water needs to be drained.
  • Once the drain pipe has been connected, open the ball valve. The water will start draining.

Cleaning Products

  • Spa tabs will be the only product/chemical used to keep the water clean. Depending on how frequently the spa is used, one chlorine tablet a week will be sufficient.
  • A filter cartridge installed with the pump system will also filter the water reducing dirt and debris.
  • After draining the water, methylated spirits is the ideal product to clean the spa with. Once this is done the spa can be filled with water.