Techno Pool Safety Nets


Pool safety nets are a great option to cover your pool, spa or water feature, because of the ease of operation and low cost. Safety nets are lightweight and very versatile and can be installed on almost any of the mentioned features. They are also convenient for everyday pool use with a typical pool taking less than 15 minutes to remove and replace.


The Pool Safety Net has proven itself to be one of the most effective barriers in swimming pool safety. It stops an accident from happening. Even if children can open up doors, or climb fences, with a pool net in place, they will not be able to gain access to the swimming pool.


We can custom fit our swimming pool nets to any shape, size or topography of swimming pool. Having a pool net on your pool does not detract at all from the looks of your swimming pool and backyard landscaping. Rocks, waterfalls, elevated decks, diving boards, slides or freeform swimming pools are no problem!



Our Nets are woven from industrial strength, UV Stabilized Polyethylene braid that will not deteriorate or fade in the sun.

Your child or pet’s head or body will not fit through the 3.5 ” squares of the Net — total security!

Features and benefits of pool safety nets:

– Safe for children

– Polyethylene Pool Safety Netting

– 3 Year Warranty

– HDPE Braided Coreless Twine Net

-2% UV Runnage

– Darkest Blue
Portable roller storage available.



Every safety net for your swimming pool from Pool Guard Pro is custom-shaped for your exact needs and installed by our professional installers. Once the Pool Guard Safety Net is installed and/or properly placed back on by the consumer, you can rest assured that your child will be safe and unable to make their way into the water. To replace the Pool Guard Safety Net usually takes 5-8 minutes for average size pools.


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