Newsletter December 2015



Custom Saunas
Have it built your way for the ultimate experience











We briefly discussed the benefits of Saunas in an earlier newsletter. In this issue, we want to showcase our custom saunas. Of course we have our standard models (the 2 seater and 4 seater, both installed with 8x toughened glass doors and your choice of either […]

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Jacuzzi Covers

Jacuzzi covers are no longer just an accessory, today in our environment, every Jacuzzi needs one. Here at Techno, we realize a standard cover doesn’t suit everyone’s needs and styles and that is why we’ve added a few more option for everyone to choose from.


Covers not only add value to your jacuzzi, but also makes it […]

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Techno Newsletter November 2015

New Jacuzzi Covers at Techno
Our customers are used to our PVC hard covers that have been covering their jacuzzis since the start. These covers are filled with industrial grade polystyrene and covered with PVC material in a variety of colours.








The good news is that Techno has added some more options to the covers you can […]

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Techno Newsletter – October 2015

Protect Your Children & Pets with Pool Nets
We’ve all heard the horror stories of children and pets drowning in swimming pools while unattended.

It’s not something anyone wants to imagine happening to them. That’s why Techno has invested in the safety pool net, that not only covers up your swimming pool but also protects your loved […]

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Chlorine-Free Pool and Spa Cleaners

Swimming is a great way to cool down and get fit, and using your jacuzzi not only has health benefits but is amazing for relaxation, unfortunately the downside to enjoying your pool and spa – chlorine. Chlorine is not only know for killing bacteria and germs and fighting algae but also for drying out our […]

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Cover Your Pool With Techno Pool Nets

Techno Pool Safety Nets

Pool safety nets are a great option to cover your pool, spa or water feature, because of the ease of operation and low cost. Safety nets are lightweight and very versatile and can be installed on almost any of the mentioned features. They are also convenient for everyday pool use with a […]

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Techno Newsletter – September 2015

Combat Limescale in your home
How to combat lime scale and rust. In areas highly affected with high levels of calcium and magnesium in water lime Scale and rust build up is bound to happen.

Ever notice the milky colour of your drinking water or the salty taste after having a glass of water or noticed that […]

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How To Clean Your Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi Cleaning
Jacuzzi Cleaning

Cleaning Instructions

The water will be drained out the ball valve, situated at the pump system.

Make sure the heating element is off.

Switch the water jets on by pressing the bellow button.

Attach the 50mm PVC pipe into the ball valve, and direct the pipe to where the water needs to be […]

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Extend Your Swimming Season with Solar Panels

We all know that having and maintaining a swimming pool is a big commitment and investment, but most of us stop swimming because the water is simply too cold. The ideal for any pool owner is to be able to use our swimming pools all year-round. While cold water can be enjoyable on hot, summer […]

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